Thursday, July 4

Adopt a pet!


It's really been awhile since I've written anything. But I have a very important thing to share about today. It is about Adopting Pets. Did you know that every-time someone adopts a pet they not only save a life but will gain a lifelong loyal companion too?

Pet Epicure is organizing a Pet adoption Drive, this Saturday at the Bee. They have at least 30 furry feline friends that are neutered, vaccinated and ready to be brought back to a loving home. Pet Epicure has been operating as a shelter for strays, nursing pets (rabbits, dogs, cats) to health, giving them basic vaccination. To prevent the rising number of strays, they also neuter all pets they put if for adoption. However, pet Epicure will be closing its doors soon, and Saturday will be the last chance for 30 lovely feline friends to find a home.

If you have ever considered owning a pet, NOW is the perfect time. Don't shop, Adopt! Why?
- you save a life
- contrary to popular belief, you get a healthy pet
(this is the case with Pet Epicure, as far as I'm concerned, since they have proven it by taking the extra step of vaccinating and neutering their pets, making sure they are in good health before putting each one of them up for adoption)
 - You won't be supporting puppy-mills, which is a really cruel thing. Read more about it HERE.

Benefits of owning a pet include:
-reducing anxiety
-providing unconditional companionship
-helping children learn responsibility and compassion
-spending time playing and caring for your pet can help produce calming and relaxing effects

More about Pet Epicure here.

Even if you are not sure about owning or adopting a pet, please do pay a visit to the Adoption Drive this Saturday and learn more about pets, strays, and how we can be responsible citizens as far as animal welfare is concerned.

Who knows, you might find an unexpected connection and a beginning to a new journey of companionship with an affectionate loving soul in a pet.

This is a picture of Cotton, our loyal, faithful affectionate mongrel whom we adopted from SPCA 7 years ago. She has been a good guardian and companion to us and my in-laws (she lives with them as there is a bigger compound for her to run around. =)

However, she still remains loyal to my husband, who is her main owner. She 'chose' him at the shelter. And she always knows when my husband is 5 minutes closer to reaching home!

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