About Me

Hello there!

I'm a 30 something very ordinary woman married to a wonderful man. I have a degree in Psychology; BSc Psychology and is obviously interested with anything to do with psychology =)

I am a self taught crafter, crafting since I was 6. I'm passionate about crafts, sustainability, education &  awareness of people with learning difficulties/disabilities, and also awareness of childhood depression/ mental illnesses. I personally have suffered from childhood depression and was undetected until I was 18. I am still on the journey to well being and I believe that medication is not the only answer.

I have been a teacher/trainer for children with learning disabilities. And recently set up my own craft business, Newsong Handmade Goods where I sell my handmade lace items.

Since Sept. 2012, I joined The Handmade Movement as a partner and assistant to Beii who is the founder and pioneer of THM. I am also a blogger at thehandmademovement.blogspot.com, together with Beii Tan.

I hope you will enjoy browsing trough this humble blog of mine, where I will be sharing my Up's as well as my Down's because I believe that broken people need to know that there are down times, and that down times are okay. And I would also like to discover together and share my journey and the things I have learnt about life.

I am a thinking person and often have many questions, which I will also write about here. I hope it will inspire you to think about things differently and your feedbacks are very welcome as I believe we can sometimes learn a lot from disagreements.

Another thing that I would like to offer in my blog are creative inspirations, and also certain resources which are related to the causes that are close to my heart.

Nothing I write here is intended to offend anyone, and if somehow it has come across as offensive to you, I apologize sincerely in advance.

~May we love one another and never forget to be kind to one another!~

Much Love,

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